Il Cereto Tuscany Italy. This one is a working farm, they are bio dynamic certified for many years (veggies, fruits, herbs) therefore they truly live and provide farm to table. They offer yoga, half pension and children programs. They have rooms and apartments a nature pool without chemicals or Chlorine and their own organic shop where they sell everything fresh they grow and manufacture their own olive oil, their own noodles, tomato sauce and their own herbal teas. One can walk through their fields and see with their own eyes how they grow and maintain their fields.  Close by is the Etruscan and middle age city Volterra. Il Cereto is a vegetarian only hotel and I should add for minimalists only. As a welcome gift everybody receives a basket full of fresh organic veggies and fruits from their farm, which really thrilled me because it contained two little crates full of fresh bio dynamic strawberries which filled our entire room with a beautiful fragrance. I loved their fresh herbal teas and how it sits in the middle of the rolling hills in Tuscany and the friendliness of the staff. It is a quite place and one can really relax there.